One of the major features that people considered before buying a smartphone is its “camera” .Nowadays, in order to get good response from public, smartphone companies have to offer the best the picture quality. Recently, an online benchmarking website for smartphone cameras named ‘DxO” has rated Samsung Galaxy Note9 as the second-best smartphone camera in the world.

The title has given after DxO’s latest review of the device, and it given score of 103 toSamsung Galaxy Note9.

Well, the case of Galaxy Note9 is not new as Samsung has been famous for one of the best smartphone cameras manufacturer in the world. The South Korean giant got second place in the list as its latest flagship scored 103 points which are splendidly well on the famous DXO platform. U12+ has also shared the second position with andGalaxy Note9

Who is number one?

Huawei’s P20 pro is top of the list by getting 6 more points, hence Huawei’s P20 pro has currently the best smartphone camera on DxO’s website.

DXO is turning into the quantifiable tool to calculate its picture/video capturing quality. Now, it became important for every smartphone manufacturer to get their latest flagship tested by DXO.

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The DxO review both picture and video quality of Samsung Galaxy Note9.

Picture quality

Galaxy Note9 achieved 107 points for its picture capturing quality by DxO. That is 7 points more from Huawei P20 Pro but have less point than HTC U12+.

According toDxO,the smartphone performed outstanding in balancing detail retention, noise reduction, zoom quality,contrast, color accuracy, auto-focus, texture, noise artifacts, and bokeh-effect.

Let’s have a look on detail score of the picture quality:

  • Exposure – 91 points
  • Color – 81 points
  • Autofocus – 96 points
  • Texture – 68 points
  • Noise – 76 points
  • Artifacts – 67 points
  • Flash – 90 points
  • Zoom – 66 points
  • Bokeh – 55 points

Video quality

Note9 received 94 points in the video department which make it well and one of the best performers in video ranking. Let’s have look into the detailed scoring of the video quality:

  • Exposure – 83 points
  • Color – 87 points
  • Autofocus – 98 points
  • Texture – 54 points
  • Noise – 72 points
  • Artifacts – 82 points
  • Stabilization – 91 points

Well, what’s your openion? Do you think that  ranking of DxO is accurate?


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