So in the new era of smartphones, major companies lay a lot of emphasis of giving the users amazing photography capabilities by providing them with some exceptional quality smartphones. Smartphone photography has pickedup pace year in and year out with the highest surge in innovation seen 2019, with companies really working hard to provide users with an amazing photography experience, we have already seen phones with 48MP camera sensors at the back, up to 4 cameras at the back and even more amazing selfie snappers, the smartphone industry is slowly taking over the camera industry. One notable addition is that of the Samsung Galaxy S10.

Samsung have provided users with some really good cameras in their new lineup of smartphones, the Galaxy S10 series, in addition to that the S10’s camera originally came with the feature known as the “Bright Night” mode which can be used to take low-light pictures, however, this featurewas controlled by an automatic algorithm and could not be activated manually. Now  lack of a manual night mode created some problems for the users who found it to be very confusing, and some reviewers came out and mentioned this problem as well stating that, this was an odd oversight, especially, when other cheaper phones had one.

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Now in a bid to make things easier for the users, Samsung’s latest firmware update has surfaced and this update in turn will bring a dedicated night mode which can be activated manually like all other modes by simply swiping across the screen.At the moment the update has only been made available infor users in Switzerland, the rest of the globe can however, expect the firmware update soon.

The Galaxy S10 is one of the best phones in terms of  photography providing competition to a lot of companies out there, in the camera department, but it didlack in the low light dept.. In comparison to the S10’s night mode, Pixel 3’s shots are much better and well contrasted, considering the fact that the phone onlyhas a single 12MP sensor as opposed to S10’s 3 cameras but with the new update, the Korean giants will be looking to change just that.


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