Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite’s US release now announced

Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite’s US release now announced
Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite’s US release now announced

Samsung has just gone on to announce that its latest device in the Galaxy S10 Lite will be made available in the US starting today – and the device will be available for $650. This announcement thought, couldn’t have come at a worse time. While the international variant for the device has been available for quite some time now, the US version of the phone happens to follow a series of unfortunate events.

First and foremost, the current situation going about with regards to the COVD-19 pandemic has actually led to a ten year smartphone sales slump. Indeed reports have even suggested that the Korean manufacturer’s latest Galaxy S20 series too have taken a hit as a result of the pandemic.

And while socioeconomic crisis is not likely to persuade many to spend such a large amount of money on the smartphone, the fact that the latest OnePlus 8 costs $700 means that even more problems are likely to be there for Samsung.

Of course, when it comes to specs, the Galaxy S10 Lite is no slouch. The device features with a very decent 6.7-inch FHD display, a triple camera setup, the Snapdragon 855 CPU, eight gigs of RAM, 128 gigs of expandable storage, a 4500mAh battery and finally, a plastic chassis. However, on the other hand, the OnePlus 8 comes along with the Snapdragon 865, a 90Hz display and a significantly better build quality – all for just an extra $50.

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To make matters even worse for Samsung, Apple too has gotten into the act as the company just recently announced its iPhone SE. This latest device from Apple costs a whopping $250 less than what Samsung has on offer. Plus it even features with Apple’s latest A13 Bionic chipset, an IP67 rating, wireless charging and an aluminum and glass chassis.

The Galaxy S10 Lite though is likely to be the device that many are looking for right now, however, for a rational consumer, the lure of saving $250 for the latest iPhone or indeed spending just an extra $50 for the latest OnePlus flagship might prove out to be just a bit more than what Samsung might have imagined.


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