The rumors are starting to pick up with regards to Samsung latest and upcoming flagship phone – the Samsung Galaxy s10. Recent reports have suggested that the phone will have the capabilities for 5G connectivity, while some of the other recent reports have gone on to suggest that the phone will come with three variants, one of which will be a cheaper model, in order to provide competition for the cheap Chinese phones. And while such rumors and reports are at their peak, we just got to know a little more about the upcoming phone – not confirmed obviously, but it could be that Samsung’s upcoming phone, which is expected to launch in the February of next year could indeed feature with as many as six color options.

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According to the latest rumors, the phone will come with color options ranging from the likes of black, to the likes of Grey, Blue, Red, Green, and also Yellow. While this is obviously just a rumor, it could indeed turn out to be true, and if so, just consider the variety that Samsung will provide its customers with : three variants of the phone, and if that’s not enough, you’ll have six colors to choose from!

So what is the cause for such speculation, such rumors? Well, these rumors have picked up pace after Samsung’s CEO, DJ Koh had made the claim to media last month that the company will indeed introduce “very significant” design changes to the Galaxy s10.

The confirmation on part comes from a very reliable leaker, Steve H. He went on to confirm that these indeed will be the color options available for the phone.


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