Detailes surrounding the Samsung Galaxy S10’s camera surface, S10 to feature 5 cameras?

Detailes surrounding the Samsung Galaxy S10's camera surface, S10 to feature 5 cameras?
Detailes surrounding the Samsung Galaxy S10's camera surface, S10 to feature 5 cameras?

The Samsung Galaxy S10 phones are now the trending discussions all over the internet for the past few weeks or so. Last week the design of the new phone was somewhat revealed to the customers and we got to know what design Samsung has decided to adopt for its newest edition of the Galaxy phones. We also got some insight on the Infinity-O display which will be a feature for the upcoming Galaxy ABS phone, this technology is the same one which will also feature in the Galaxy S10 flagship phones. Moreover details and their relevant rumors have already been a good source of a notable discussion. In that regard a recent report has given the people a better and more crystal clear look at the photographic hardware which will used in the upcoming Galaxy phones.

According to the mentioned source, Samsung is currently developing about 3 Galaxy S10 models for its many consumers all over the world. The first is called the S10 Lite which comes with a 5.8 inch display, the second is the S10 coming along with a 6.1 inch display and finally we have the Galaxy S10+ which’s screen size will be 6.4 inches. All the three phones will feature different hardware capabilities with the S10 Lite’scodenamed Beyond 0 being the cheapest of the three variants. Moreover the phone will feature 3 cameras in total, a single front sensor camera and two dual rear cameras. According to our prediction we think the second camera is there to support a telephoto.

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The S10 which is the second variant will feature 4 cameras in total, with two cameras in the front and two at the back. Furthermore it is still nit clear what the second selfie camera is capable of doing so a surprise is in-store for the many people who are thinking of buying this phone, but all will be revealed in some time though. Finally we come to the most expensive an elegant variant which is the Galaxy S10+, which is the biggest phone of the three, this phone Is set to feature 5 cameras, two in the front frame and three in the back of the phone. We predict that the third camera at the back will be a wide-angle sensor lens.

Lastly we would also like to point out that it is also rumored that Samsung are seriously considering the option of launching a 5G model of the Galaxy S10 as well, however the production will be scaled down, as we all know that the 5G market has only just come in to existence and the company will not .be releasing more than two million units of the phone. This model will seemingly feature about six cameras in total, two selfie camera’s and a whopping Quadruple camera setup at the back two allow users with all sorts of possibilities!


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