Some leaked Chinese 3C certification papers have gone on to suggest that Samsung’s upcoming successor to last year’s Galaxy S10e in the Samsung Galaxy S11e will go on to support 5G connectivity. However, even though this information has been out on other newspapers as well – take it all with a grain of salt because the sources aren’t exactly the most reliable.

In any case however, the leaked information also suggests that the device will feature with support for 25W fast charging – which would certainly be an improvement over the Galaxy S10’s 15W fast charging. And while this too brings about an array of excitement for all those who are looking to get their hands on to the Galaxy S11e, the inclusion of 5G would certainly be the icing on the cake.

The only device from Samsung released this year that supports 5G is the Galaxy S10 5G – however, the price that it brought along with it was certainly unattractive for many. In theory, bringing 5G connectivity to a more “budget” device would be a treat. Also, considering the fact that Qualcomm too is bringing 5G to mid-range devices next year, this news isn’t exactly the most surprising.

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But again, I would like to suggest to not take all this news very seriously, as these are all just rumors for the time being – and considering the lack of authenticity with regards to the sources suggesting the news, the whole thought brings about a significant amount of doubt – though it isn’t entirely impossible.

And in theory, if the Galaxy S11e does go on to support 5G connectivity, it will only be logical for Samsung to introduce the feature in the Galaxy S11 as well as the Galaxy S11 plus. But of course, only time will tell what happens and exactly what Samsung has in mind


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