Samsung Galaxy S20 FE arrives in China

Samsung Galaxy S20 FE all colors

Back in September, Samsung took upon itself to globally announce the Galaxy S20 Fan Edition budget-friendly flagship device. Earlier in this month, the Korean manufacturer unveiled the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 4G in India. And now, just a couple of days ago, the 5G edition of this particular device was made available in China.

The S20 Fan Edition 5G phone arrived in the Chinese market in two variants. The phone comes in colors such as Whimsical Blue, Fantasy Purple, Photosynthetic Green, Inspiration Red and Kora White.

The smartphone makes way with an IP68 certified chassis and makes its way with a 6.5-inch FHD+ S-AMOLED display that happens to make way with a punch-hole integrated within. The display goes on to offer a 120Hz refresh rate and has integrated within itself an In-display fingerprint scanner. The phone also features with a 32MP front camera.

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It is of course the Snapdragon 865 that goes on to power the Chinese variant of the Galaxy S20 Fan Edition device. The device has a 4500mAh battery integrated within so as to keep the lights running and the phone also has the support for 25W fast charging. The back of the device goes on to sport a triple camera setup which has an OIS assisted 12MP shooter, a 123-degree 12MP ultra-wide lens and finally, an OIS ready 8MP telephoto lens with the support of 3x optical zoom.

This latest phone from the Korean firm of course is the latest device to come out of techtober – as October is now known. Indeed with regards to the latest announcements with regards to the latest iPhone series as well as the latest Pixel 5 from the Google, Samsung too has gone on to make its move in the smartphone market. Indeed the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE will give an extra option to all those who have been looking out to buy a new smartphone and have been interested in the latest offering from Google or Apple.


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