Samsung Galaxy S21 achieve highest sales in 4 years for Galaxy S series

Samsung Galaxy S21
Samsung Galaxy S21

The latest of Samsung’s  greatest flagship series, the Samsung Galaxy S21, has been able to sell 590,000 units all over the globe, which is the highest amount of sales the Korean giants have been able to make for Series S handset since the Galaxy S8 smartphone which is a major feat achieved by the company. 

In accordance with a recent report which had surfaced on the South Korean media, the Samsung Galaxy S21 was able to sell twice as many units as its most recent predecessor, the Galaxy S20 in the first month. In addition, representatives from the well known analyst firm Atlas Research & Consulting, who are the people who came up with the report in discussion, found that the Galaxy S21’s success can be attributed to the company’s ability to expand on 5G and by setting relatively lower price tags, especially when compared to phones of the previous generation. This factor helped the company achieve a very successful sales figure. 

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It is worth noting that the Samsung Galaxy S21 comes at a starting price of $870, whereas the previous Galaxy S20 cost about 20% more. In the initial days after the launch of the Galaxy S20, the S20 was priced at $1100 which is significantly higher than the launch price of the S21. We can see what a difference of $200 can do when it comes to the smartphone market. 

In addition to this news, Samsung also has another reason to celebrate as well. Samsung’s  Galaxy A31 just became the best-selling mid-range phone in the home market of South Korea. This isn’t that surprising however as the company’s M series and A series phones have been the best selling phones in the world time after time and compete directly with companies such as Redmi or OPPO. In contrast, the demand for Samsung’s low-end phones in 2020 increased significantly and was unlike any period the company had come across in terms of sales. Many preferred affordable devices over others so that they could stay connected with one another in times of uncertainty. 


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