Both the Samsung Galaxy S7 and the Galaxy S7 both are now receiving an update in accordance with users on Reddit as well as another source. While this isn’t exactly an Android version update, it happens to be an update for the September 2020 security patch.

Nonetheless, it still represents a noteworthy move for an Android OEM to update a phone line that happens to be well over four years old. Indeed the Samsung Galaxy S7 series was in fact dropped from the list of devices to receive even quarterly security updates, with the Galaxy S8 series being the oldest S series flagship still on the receiving end of security patches. Presumably, the Korean manufacturer is throwing a bone to S7 owners or the patch simply fixed a critical vulnerability.

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In any case though, the update weighs in at 69MB in accordance with a screenshot that was posted on Reddit and apparently is hitting devices in both Canada and the UK.

While of course credit should be given to the Korean company for taking this initiative, it is indeed the case that Samsung isn’t the only company to offer updates for ageing devices in 2020. Indeed, it was the case where Huawei actually reportedly updated its 2015-era Mate 8 and 2016-era P9 just earlier in the year – going on to deliver a security patch as well as a smart charging feature so as to reduce battery degradation.

All in all though, it’s good to see that companies are taking care of their old consumers to the extent where such old devices are still getting updates and we can only hope right now that this actually becomes a trend of sorts for even more devices and brands in the coming future.


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