Samsung never wants to face scandalous time in the history because they did not have good luck since their Note 7 come in market. Many complaints regarding burnt arsenal and smoldering plane due to battery explosions, which the company later admitted were because of sub-standard batteries supplied by Samsung SDI and Hong Kong’s Amperex Technology Ltd. So, now Samsung has reportedly to borrow Sony as the third battery supplier for the Samsung Galaxy S8, because, you know, to avoid so many flames and fires again.While the firm, even after its fiasco, will bravely continue to call on Samsung SDI to supply batteries for the Galaxy 8 which just two weeks ago, suffered a fire at its factory in Tianjin.

It was recently reported that Samsung had contracted a supply agreement with Japan’s Murata Manufacturing to get batteries for the Galaxy S8. Samsung has selected Sony to borrow their batteries as third battery supplier for the Samsung Galaxy S8.

Japan’s Sony Corp will supply lithium-ion battery packs for Galaxy S8. Since agreements are usually not confirmed, so it is not placed that both companies will make a connection. But neither Sony or Samsung have yet commented on the report.

It is to recall to the people that just because Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has gone through many disasters it is not mandatory that Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will grow the same notorious era. All the amendments show that the firm will not make any such mistake again and will get back the credibility from its agitated consumers.


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