Samsung have unveiled a 12GB RAM and UFS 3 storage for mid-range devices

Samsung have unveiled a 12GB RAM and UFS 3 storage for mid-range devices
Samsung have unveiled a 12GB RAM and UFS 3 storage for mid-range devices

So the Korean giants Samsung never seem to stop innovating as the company has established its name as one of the best and top ranked cell phone manufacturers in the world. The company have for a long time now maintained there immersive brand profile and will not let any company come near to there brand rank. The company is constantly innovating and coming up with new or more popular and Technology in pretty much every market.

The company have just announced the All new Exynos 990 SoC which as per the company,will be the next-generation smartphone flagship SoC. The company also unveiled its Multi-Chip Package (uMCP) for mmid-rangers. Now for those of you  who are not aware as yet, the multi-chip packages are electronic modules which have at most 5 chips connected using wire bonds to create a multilayer circuit board.

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So far the recently unveiled uMCPwill combine 12GB of LPDDR4X RAM with fast UFS 3.0 storage. It is surprising to note that, uMCP is focused on mid-range smartphones which makes it all the more attractive since people can get these new features at a much lower price. Until now, this type of configuration has only been seen in Samsung flagship models and to see it in mid range devices will truly be remarkable. As per the latest,it is believed that the new combination is currently based on 24-gigabit RAM chips which have been manufactured on a 1y process. 1y refers to the second enhancement of Samsung’s 10nm process. More like 10nm+ but Samsung named it 1y which was not expected but who cares about the name, its what the name brings with it.

Apart from these specifics, the Korean tech giant is also offering an alternate 10 GB RAM package which will combine the two 24-gigabit and two 16-gigabit chips. This newly announced LPDDR4X RAM can reach a maximum speed of 4,266 Mbps. The 12 GB modules were first developed by Samsung earlier this year, but they were based on 16-gigabit chips.Samsung is a company which is always demanding to push forward new technologies in the budget segment which is more or less because of the constant competition a company of Samsung’s calibre is facing due to emerging Chinese OEMs. Samsung has been losing its market share, especially in China.


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