Samsung headphone dongle leaks

Samsung headphone dongle leaks
Samsung headphone dongle leaks

It seemed as if Samsung didn’t mind the headphone jack on its smartphones. While Apple dropped the concept from its iPhone a few years back, other companies like Google and OnePlus soon followed – to the point where pretty much every flagship device was without the headphone jack. However, the same hasn’t been the case for Samsung, as the company has maintained the headphone jack even in this year’s flagship device – the Galaxy S10.

Unfortunately enough though, it looks like this strong affiliation between Samsung flagships and headphone jacks is soon to end. This is because pictures of Samsung’s upcoming 3.5mm to USB-C dongle have just been leaked on the internet,  pretty much confirming what we had already known – Samsung will indeed be dropping the headphone jack from its upcoming flagship smartphone : the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.

The photos go on to show exactly what one might imagine a dongle to look and function like. There features a USB-C jack on one end and a 3.5mm input on the other end. Also by the looks of it, Samsung appears to be making use of a sturdier, tapered connector which slopes right down to the wire, instead of the more conventional and fragile might I add step-style of reinforcement that both Apple and Google have used on their respective dongles.

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It is expected that Samsung will include this new dongle in the box with both the Galaxy Note 10 and the Note 10 Plus, so customers won’t have to worry too much about buying it later on. The price for spare dongles hasn’t been announced as of yet, however, since the dongles have been known to fall in the $9 to $12 range, one would have to imagine Samsung to follow a similar pattern.

In any case though, the price of dongles is and should be the least of all the worries. With Samsung finally giving in to the whole prospect of having a flagship smartphone without a headphone jack, it just goes on to show how even the most stubborn of manufacturers have to give in to the pressures of moving forward within the industry – regardless of what systems break along the way. The motto for the industry in the more recent years has been that new is always better – even if this isn’t the case every time.

Sadly enough, it seems that the war on having the headphone jack on board is finally over. Samsung was the last to take a stance, but with the company too giving in, it does mean that dongles have won.


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