Samsung in Plans to Launch New Smartphones This Year

Samsung to raise smartphone shipments to 300 million units by 2021

Korean manufacturer Samsung has actually reclaimed its top spot in the global smartphone market and now in order to further strengthen its position as a market leader, it seems as if the company is looking towards the prospect of launching new smartphones in August.

As per the speculation arriving from Korea, the company is currently in talks with the local network carriers in relation to the launch of its new smartphone models that are expected to make way in the coming months – including the likes of the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE, the Galaxy Z Fold 3, and also the Galaxy Z Flip 3.

If this report does indeed turn out to be true, then the company will end up launching the smartphones earlier than its usually schedule of launch that usually takes place in September. The devices could end up filling the gap of the Galaxy Note series that were usually launched around the month of August. Of course important to note is the fact that Samsung has indeed noted that the company won’t actually be launching new note-series phones in this particular year.

Also, importantly, this new report about the launch of the smartphones happens to be in line with the previous reports. The Galaxy S21 FE will reportedly go into mass production starting the month of July and will become available for production just a month later. The upcoming foldable smartphones coming in from Samsung are also expected to launch in the month of August – and are expected to do so with some new features.

More recently, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 actually made an appearance on the 3C certification website which goes on to show that the 5G device may end up shipping with a 15W charger. Nothing more of the sorts is actually revealed in this particular listing, however, the phone may end up appearing rather soon in TENAA’s database as more details are expected to come through soon. There’s even the possibility of course that the device may end up coming with the support for the S-pen.


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