Samsung in the near future releases the specifications of the Galaxy S23 on Geekbench

Samsung in the near future releases the specifications of the Galaxy S23 on Geekbench
Samsung in the near future releases the specifications of the Galaxy S23 on Geekbench

The Samsung Galaxy S23 launch date has yet to be announced, but the maker has shared the specs of the flagship on the Geekbench website, which indicates which highlights will be included in the device.


  • Samsung Galaxy S23 specifications have been added to Geekbench.
  • The Geekbench listing of the processor on the device reveals a Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chip.
  • The S23 model of Samsung Galaxy S will come with a model number SM-S911U.

The second-generation Samsung flagship has been spotted in benchmark records. The Galaxy S23 successor is expected to be released in 2020, and we are working multiple months ahead of its oncoming launch. The various specifications of the Galaxy S23 have been detected according to benchmark testers.

According to a Geekbench listing posted by the Dutch website Galaxy Club, the Samsung Galaxy S23 mobile gadget will be equipped with a Qualcomm’s next-generation flagship chipset, the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2.

While not mentioning by name the specific processor, a smartphone’s codename is described as SM-S911U with a Kalama motherboard, which had been paired with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 previously.

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The listing shows the configuration of the CPU cores. There is one prime core clocked at 3.36GHz, four similar products that clock at 2.80GHz, and three cores that are clocked at 2.02GHz. This shows information about a previous report that said Samsung Galaxy S23 will contain a 1 2 2 3 core configuration   one Makalu-Elp prime core, two Makalu and two Matterhorn mid cores, and three Klein-R1 cores.

Samsung Galaxy S 23 specifications include 8 GB of RAM and Android 13 (OO) operating system, as measured on the Geekbench list.

Additional colour options were made available by placing a pre-order for the forthcoming Samsung Galaxy S23, indicating that future phones in this design family will likely be available in four colours.

The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra is believed to have been introduced before the Samsung Galaxy S23. The Samsung phone was rated by the Computer Society’s Technical Assessment Studio (3C) in a certification listing last month and the battery and charging specifications of the phone were noted. Currently, Samsung is rumored to be releasing its Galaxy S23 series early than planned. This is the year that Samsung released the Galaxy S22 series in February. Given that the release is rumored to take place in early March or late February 2023, it’s likely Samsung will be aiming for an early February or late January relea


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