Well during the annual developers conference(SDC 2018) Samsung came on to introduce the Infinity flex display and the One UI which will make the company’s upcoming foldable phone series more compatible and will also be set to arrive on non-foldable phones. It will now be interesting to see the scalability of the Bixby and how this virtual assistant will help grow Samsung grow in terms of broader ranges of Samsung and non-Samsung products. .

So lets talk about the Infinity Flex Display and One UI. Well for a start Samsung did not announce a fully operational flexible smartphone as yet but instead told the people that it is ready to launch any such phone. The elastic OLED panel which will be centerpiece of the future foldable phone series that Samsung is getting ready to launch very soon. The display in terms of machinery will fold vertically so that a user can enjoy an experience of a much larger screen then ever before. Once opened you get a viewing area of about 7.3 inches. Here is where the advanced UI will play its part. Samsung has worked closely with Google on this one to design a UI which is compatible with the design. This UI helps in keeping the relevant content at the bottom of the screen which in turn ensures an easy one hand usage of the phone and at the same time the new UI optimizes the screen area for better productivity and efficiency. Once you unfold the phone the UI seemingly transitions in to a tablet like device giving you much more freedom to carry out multi-tasking on your phone. According to Samsung the One UI will keep 3 apps open simultaneously.

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There is still no word on when the phone is set to be released in to the market but from what we have heard, Samsung is prepared to start mass-producing the new phone in the coming months. It will still not be a particularly easy task to carry out if you consider how technical it is to create an Infinity  Flex Display as you know Samsung has to replace the in-use glass display with a completely nee technology altogether. An additional challenge would be the fact that the new Display requires the phone to be folded and unfolded hundreds of thousands of times once the phone is un-packed so it will be particularly hard to judge the lifespan of such a phone but for this Samsung have created a malleable, foldable adhesive which will help in securing the components of the phone enabling them to stick together no matter what. The final big challenge would be the, that the new display has to be thinner than any other mobile phone created. This was carried out by reducing the thickness of the polarizer, creating a entirely new one which is about 45% thinner.

Now on to the Bixby platform which is now open to developers. In the event Samsung also talked about the Bixby platform and its likely future. In addition the controversial virtual Assistant will become more useful thankfully due to the role Samsung has played in its success, by creating a third-party app. This Bixby platform will help developers integrate more in to products and services while the Bixby capsules are reported to be selections of services and features which will be available for the potential consumers to find themselves a Bixby market place. So basically the purpose of the so called platform is to help developers adapt to their capsules to work on the smartphones and also on the TV’s, speakers and other home appliances.

All in all Samsung has stepped in to yet another different and innovative world of technology by hopefully providing consumers with different options in the near future. We shall wait and see how this all comes in to existence.


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