Samsung Electronics has announced that the
Tizen App Challenge for Unity developers commenced on August 18th,
2016—prior to the launch of the Samsung Z2, a new smartphone running
on the Tizen operating system. If you are a developer who has made a
Unity-based game that has reached more than 10,000 installs, you’re
eligible to enter the challenge.

The contest will run from August 18 to November 21, with a total
amount of US$185,000 in prizes up for grabs. The first 50 apps can get
US$3,000 each when the apps are started to be for sale in Tizen App Store.
Additionally, top prizes will be awarded to three participants whose
games reach the highest number of downloads during the contest period,
in the amount of US$20,000, $10,000 and $5,000, respectively.

The challenge consists of two steps. Contestants must complete both in
order to register their app and secure a chance to win the prizes.

·         Step 1: You’ll need to show that your game has been made
with Unity and has reached at least 10,000 downloads in the Google
Play or Apple App Store.

·         Once you complete Step 1, you’ll receive a confirmation
email from Samsung. Then you’ll be able to port your app to Tizen and
register it in the Tizen Store.

·         To complete Step 2, you must submit the unique Content ID
you’ll receive once you’ve registered your app in the Tizen Store.


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