Samsung teased the release of the latest W series device: the W20 5G at a Chinese expo just a couple of months ago. Now, it is quite likely that we will see the launch for the device in question later in the month.

Previously, speculation suggested that the device will actually feature with 512 gigs of internal storage and will feature in two colors – that of either black or white. If such rumors are indeed true, then this would well and truly follow quite a solid upgrade over the last generation W2019 which came with the options of either 128 or 256 gigs of internal storage.

This too might be news that is somewhat related to what Samsung’s new W-series may indulge in – the Korean manufacturer also teased a new flip


phone style foldable device concept when its developer conference was held. For now though – it is nothing more than that : a concept.

As a result of some confusion due to the language used on China Telecom’s Weibo post, there have been indications that the upcoming W20 5G device might actually end up looking as Samsung’s next foldable phone. However, this is not very likely.

First and foremost, the language which happens to be used in the Weibo post says that the device is new Samsung “folder.” We’ve been familiarized with seeing Samsung using this word to refer to its flip phones.

Also, another reason as to why this is will not materialize as Samsung’s next foldable device is because further details with regards to the device fail to reveal anything special about its hinge technology. This only means that such is the case because there is nothing worth mentioning. Considering the issues that the Korean manufacturer has had with the Galaxy Fold’s hinge, one would’ve imagined that these details would have been mentioned by the Korean manufacturer.


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