Samsung launch Exynos9611 processor which comes with some amazing AI capabilities

Samsung launch Exynos9611 processor which comes with some amazing AI capabilities
Samsung launch Exynos9611 processor which comes with some amazing AI capabilities

So just like mobile phone companies, chipset manufacturers are also constantly working out ways to improve the processors which are the drive behind a smartphone, a number of companies are looking to release new smartphone SoCs with better artificial intelligence and hardware capabilities. Bearing that in mind,Samsung seem to be on track as the company has just announced one processor which according to folks at Samsung,will come with “enhanced AI capabilities” and more.The new chipset has been named the Exynos 9611 and this will serve as an upgrade to last year’s Exynos 9610. The few processors while similar in nature still have a couple of differences between them.

Exynos 9611 is built on the same 10nm process as its predecessor and has the same eight cores: four 2.3 GHz Cortex-A73 for carrying out heavy tasks on the phone while there are four Cortex-A53 cores for less demanding tasks.Both use the same Mali-G72 MP3 GPU for gaming, with video performance and memory storage specifications also quite similar between the new and the former. Now a lot of similar features are still present in the new 9611 however, there are two main upgrades which come with the Exynos 9611.

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The newly launched processor carries support for up to 64MP single camera resolution and 16MP + 16MP for dual cameras, whereas the Exynos 9610 only supported up to 24 megapixels.In addition to that users will also find an improvement in the visual processing unit which can analyze analog image and video signals to identify objects and environments in a scene for richer more efficient photography. Depth perception intelligence has been improved as well which will allow the device to capture portrait shots through a single camera.

Another highlight of the new upgrade would be the artificial intelligence capabilities found in the new device. The new chipset offers enhanced AI capabilities which will not only improve camera results but also offer users better assistant services.

The newly launched SoCcan already be found in the Korean giants  latest mid-range devices notably, the Galaxy M30s and A50s. Given how rapidly Samsung has added the new chipset in the phones, more mid-range devices powered by the Exynos 9611 should come out in the near future.


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