Quite recently as it is, the CEO of Samsung mobile division, DJ Koh talked quite briefly about Samsung’s yet to be released flagship, the Samsung Galaxy s10 – a phone which we are expecting to see in perhaps March or April of next year.

Before going into depth of it all, I’d like you to take the news which I am about to reveal with a slight dose of skepticism, because it is way too early to talk about the Galaxy s10, and even though it is actually the CEO of the mobile division talking about it all, it’s still too early.

A report from Android Headlines has gone on to suggest that DJ Koh shared a few details with the Chinese media earlier this week, and talked about the Galaxy s10. The news report, though has not been confirmed by the mainstream media.

The report goes on to claim that the executive has hinted on a significant design overhaul for Samsung’s upcoming flagship phone. There is also a hint and a mention of ‘amazing colors’. That’s pretty much all to be honest, all that there is to mention.

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Even though we see the Galaxy S flagship every year, Samsung is known to bring about a change in terms of design for the flagship lineup once every two years. The best example of this can be taken from the case of the Galaxy s8. Samsung introduced a major and revolutionary design when the galaxy s8 was released, and this design was reused in the Galaxy s9. So even without the rumors and reports in mind, it is actually likely that Samsung will bring about a change with the galaxy s10. It is expected, however, whether it actually turns out to be the case, we can only wait and see.

And also, whether this change will be dramatic or slightly different is unknown. As we’ve heard with the rumors going on, there actually might not be a galaxy s11 for the future. It wasn’t this report that suggested that Samsung will kill the Galaxy S lineup, however it did go on to indicate a change in the naming scheme. Apparently from rumors, Samsung wants to adopt a naming strategy as per used by Huawei. After the Huawei P10, we saw the P20, rather than the P11, and as per rumors, the Galaxy s11 might not happen, rather the Galaxy S20 in 2020.


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