Samsung M20 to Become the First Ever Samsung Phone to Have a 5000mAh Battery?

Well the South Korean company Samsung is the top-top brand in the smartphone industry of the globe. It is now looking forward to launching a relatively Mid-range class of phones in the near future. The M series may well help them do just that, after the company has decided to end the infamous A series, it is looking for a suitable replacement to that and well M series looks set to fill up the shoes left by the A series.

It is still not confirmed whether the Samsung will go forward with their new M series or that if such an idea even exists but as per the information provided by informed sources and some Wifi licensing documents that have in turn revealed that an M series Samsung phone is on the books for the future. The model is revealed to be, model number SM-M105F. This phone is with reference to the information, set to be named the M20 or the Galaxy M20.

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So what are the specifications of this phone? Well as according to some of the leaks on the internet the new phone is set to be powered by a mid-range processor Exynos 7870 processor, which compares somewhat to the Snapdragon 400 series in terms of the performance, power and efficiency aspects of the processor. Another leak has suggested that this will be the first Samsung mobile phone to carry a 5000mAh battery with it which in all honesty is very big for a Samsung mid-ranger but may yet be the highlight feature of the phone.

Samsung M20 to Become the First Ever Samsung Phone to Have a 5000mAh Battery?

Moreover, the internal hardware of the mobile phone seems to be low-key, leaks have suggested that this phone will only support a 3GB Ram and a composite 32GB internal memory storage and Samsung is probably going to use a LCD display rather then a AMOLED display for this particular phone or possibly series. Furthermore, it also deems that the phone will have a seemingly large display as you know, it has to support that gigantic battery but this is all based on leaks and rumors so one can not say much and well in accordance to that the pricing has also not yet been revealed by the company and there is still no word of it on the internet but Samsung is looking to target the developing markets of India, Bangladesh, Pakistan and other Asian regions for this particular series but like all good things we will have to be patient to find out more on the new phone and series!

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