Samsung M30 series may feature a 6000mAh battery

Samsung M30 series may feature a 6000mAh battery
Samsung M30 series may feature a 6000mAh battery

So the South Korean giants, Samsung have lately been busy feeding there soon to hit markets, Galaxy M series lineup with news on the new smartphones the talk for Samsung users nowadays. Moreover,the Galaxy M30S is an upcoming device which is expected to make its way in to the Indian market next month after which it may arrive in Pakistan. As per the latest news it has been found that the new phone will pack a very large battery which will have a higher capacity than that of its predecessors.

It is rumored that the upcoming Galaxy M30s will reportedly pack with them a massive 6000mAh battery, which will make these phones the biggest battery smartphones that Samsung have ever launched.The devices will also likely to feature a very high resolution, 48MP sensor at the  back giving users an amazing photography experience. In addition to things the phone will be powered by a Exynos chip which will most likely be the Exynos 9610.

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Interestingly, the Galaxy M20s model is also said to feature a 6000mAh battery. Given how both the M20 and the M30 models had the same 5000mAh battery on board, it’s possible that their successors, the M20s and the M30s, both feature 6000mAh batteries, however nothing can be confirmed in that regard, but if it is true, its very surprising. Moreover according to sources, it is believed that users will  have to spend in between of  ($210) to  ($280) in order to purchase the upcoming M30s.

Moreover,rumors have also suggested that the new device will come with a triple rear Camera setup at the rear of the device.In addition to that it is expected that the device will have a notch in the display, the notch as always will house the selfie camera sensor. Now that the M30s are looking all set to enter the smartphone market, Samsung will have covered a wide price segment with its Galaxy M series smartphones, right from the Galaxy M10 to the Galaxy M40.


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