There is no doubt that Samsung really wants Bixby as one of its flagship products, and is continuously pushing users to try and adapt to Bixby. However, this will only happen if Samsung understands the fact that Bixby needs a substantial amount of work before it ever takes hold. However, while the criticism is there, no doubt in the fact that Bixby has come a long way after its initial hurdles.

Even if you are a Bixby supporter and don’t actually mind having it as your daily support, it is pretty universal that the button dedicated for Bixby on Samsung devices is a huge pain. There are actually two major issues with regards to Bixby : one is that the button’s functionality can’t be changed to open your preferred virtual assistant, like the Google Assistant, and the second is the fact that the placement of the Bixby bottom right underneath the volume rocker causes accidental launch of Bixby more often than a normal user would like, and even if you happen to be pro Bixby, this is a problem even you can’t deny.

In the past, we saw Samsung giving its users the option to completely disable the Bixby button, and even though it was a huge sacrifice for the company, it was pretty thoughtful. However, this completely changed on the Galaxy Note 9, because the option to disable the Bixby button quickly faded away. However, thankfully enough, and also much to the credit of Samsung, the latest update means that Samsung is at least giving the users the power to make it harder to accidentally launch the Bixby via the Bixby button.

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Once you’ve updated the latest update of Bixby (which rolls out today), in the Bixby settings, you’ll be given the option to choose on exactly how the Bixby button works. The new option given out by the company means that you can pick to launch Bixby by a single press of the button, or with a double tap. It’s quite obvious that if you set the option of double tapping the button to launch the Bixby app, it will cut down the accidental launches of Bixby to much of an extent, mainly down to the fact that you’ll have to hit the button quite rapidly in succession in order to launch Bixby.

It’s true that it isn’t as good an option as to disabling the button all together, however at least it will cut down the accidental launches to Bixby, especially at those moments when you really don’t need the assistant popping up out of nowhere.


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