Samsung makes it easier to share files using Private Share

Samsung makes it easier to share files using Private Share

The Galaxy ecosystem allows for a simpler and more enjoyable workflow using Galaxy devices that include features like Buds Auto Switch, App Continuity Keyboard share and numerous other. One of those features can be found in Private Share, which is accessible on both Samsung Galaxy store and Google Play Store. In the latest upgrade (version, Samsung has added new features to the app which make it simpler for users to transfer files.

Private Share is privacy-focused blockchain-powered application , which debuted alongside it’s Samsung blockchain wallet for the Samsung Galaxy S10. The update adds the ability to share as many as 20 files simultaneously which has a total file size less than 100MB – an increase over the prior 10 file size, and the limit of 20MB. The update also allows users to select recipients using the contacts app. It also includes editing the file’s name and changing the recipients’ lists when sharing files.


Other features the app already had include reading-only sharing with no forwarding, as well as the no-screenshots policy. Private Share Private Share app enables sharing multiple files with family and friends by using Galaxy smartphones through SMS or links, as well as QR Codes. Additionally, it supports sharing files that have expiration dates, to ensure that the recipients have access to these files only after the date.

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Like the previously launched Samsung Quick Share, the application only works for Galaxy Phones and requires both the receiver and the sender to be able to access an Private Share app set up. Once it is enabled within the advanced security options within the Biometrics and security sections of your compatible Samsung Phone, the sender may request the transfer of files. When the recipient agrees to the request for transfer then a private channel is created and the files will be shared in read-only mode.

The update is in the process of rolling out and is installed across all supported Galaxy phones using either the Samsung Galaxy Store or the Google Play Store.


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