Samsung developer conference was held today, and while there were many things to look forward to, the stage was no doubt set for the unveiling of a foldable smartphone. However, while the main focus of the event the foldable smartphone, Hassan Anjum, a director of product marketing based in Samsung, took the stage to briefly show off four new ‘Infinity displays’ that the company has been developing recently.

Three of the screens that I’ve just mentioned above had the inclusion of a notch, so speculation was sky high over the factor that the new displays from Samsung too might come with notches. However, don’t be too sure about this just yet.

The four infinity displays include the likes of : Infinity-U, Infinity-V, Infinity-O, and the new infinity. The infinity-U looks like a common notch cutout, much similar in shape to those which are found on phones like the Essential phone. While the Infinity-V too looks quite similar, one thing which is new is the fact that it features a diamond cut, with hard edges, instead of a simple curve that many anticipating.

The most particular looking cutout is without doubt the Infinity-O, because it’s actually less of a notch, and actually more of a random dot, which just seems to be floating. This design would without doubt make way for a genuinely edge-to-edge design, however, one thing which would come perhaps as a disappointment would be that valuable screen real estate would be eaten up elsewhere, much similar to an Asus prototype which we had seen just last month.

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Exactly why Samsung chose to show off these concept designs at the event is still unknown at this moment of time. Furthermore, Anjum went on to discuss the Galaxy S displays, and also went on to show how the displays have progressed throughout the years, before he actually went on to reveal the four new infinity displays – which has led many to speculate over the point that Samsung just might make the inclusion of the notch in next year’s Galaxy s10, or maybe even the Note 10.

While there is no guarantee that Samsung won’t be using a notch in its next flagship smartphones, it would be unreasonable for the company to do so. In the past, we have seen the Korean company poking fun at Apple for the inclusion of a notch, so it’s probably likely that Samsung will either retain a forehead on the Galaxy s10, or the company just as might move to the new Infinity display design, which would include a design which hides everything right under the screen.


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