Samsung mocks Apple for lack of charger

Samsung mocks Apple for lack of charger
Just earlier in this week, Apple proceeded on to hold its iPhone 12 series launch where the company made the polarizing decision of dropping the charger from its iPhone boxes. Moreover, those of whom want a charger will have to spend an extra $20 to get it.

Samsung has latched onto this mode on its Caribbean Facebook page, as it mocked Apple for dropping the charger from the box. Of course it is quite interesting to see Samsung mocking Apple with respect to this particular tactic, when it backfired in a massive way before. In more specific terms, the Korean company previously proceeded on to post videos that mocked the iPhone’s lack of a headphone port, only for them to ditch the same just a couple of years later when the Galaxy Note 10 series came about.

Samsung then took upon itself to delete such videos, ostensibly to avoid looking like hypocrites. Third-party users though managed to both save as well as upload such clips anyways.

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So then we ask : how long will it take for the Korean manufacturer to drop chargers from their phone boxes and pretend that this social media post never happened? Funnily enough, some reports have already gone on to indicate that Samsung is already looking towards the prospect of dropping the charger from some phones next year in 2021. In other words, we fully expect the company to quietly delete this latest post if or when it does the same with its very own phones.

Nonetheless, Samsung isn’t the only company that has poked fun at Apple on its decision to drop chargers from the box, as Xiaomi too has gotten into the action. It’s interesting to see Xiaomi too getting involved, especially when taking into consideration the fact that the Chinese company has been dropping earphones from the box for quite some years now in what’s likely to be a cost-saving measure.


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