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Samsung new Facebook photo is quite intriguing

Samsung has done it again – as the Korean company once again teased its foldable device, this time, doing so by posting a profile picture on the company’s Samsung Mobile Facebook page. The image goes on to show a folded Samsung logo, and if you judge the number of likes and comments the photo got, it’s easy to judge that people are more than excited about the prospect of having a foldable smartphone at their disposal.

This latest teaser comes a few weeks later after Samsung video, based on Twitter,which went on to hint at a device via an animated icon, this going on to move in a similar manner in which we would expect the phone to fold.

The Korean manufacturer is expected to reveal the details about its upcoming foldable smartphone at the Samsung developer conference, which is supposed to take place at the end of this week. However, what the company is exactly going to unveil, is still quite unknown.

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After a conference call which took place with Korean media outlets, the company suggested that it has the full intention to unveil the phone’s user interface at the particular event. Samsung also stated previously that it wants the foldable phone to offer a unique user experience, and looks as if the new UI will play a crucial part, in not only the beginning, but also through the full course.

As of now, we still don’t know whether or not the phone itself will make an appearance at the conference, and even if it goes on to do so, we won’t be sure that whether it would be anywhere near the final product that Samsung wants to have placed on the market.

With accordance to the most recent of the rumors, the phone will be usable, both as a phone, and also as a tablet. The rumors go on to suggest that the device will feature a 7.3-inch display on the inside, while a four-inch display will be placed on the outside. Also, please note that it would be wise to take such rumors with a grain of salt, since Samsung has yet to confirm any of this.


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