Samsung’s new utility patent

Samsung to Maintain its Position as Leader

Even though Samsung happens to be the leading company when it comes to foldable devices, it still continues to file patents in the same regards – related to this kind of phone. This of course goes on to show the dedication that the company has towards what’s said to be the future of the smartphone world. With that said, now, another Samsung utility patent has emerged – describing the usage of pop-up cameras.

The new utility patent by Samsung electronics was subject to being spotted by LetsGoDigital. The company proceeded on to file it with WIPO (World Intellectual Property Office) titled ‘Foldable electronic device including sliding structure and method for controlling the same.’ The patent was subject to being approved as well as being published on the 22nd of this month.

The document which consists of 79 pages talks about the usage of pop-up cameras in four different ways in a foldable smartphone which looks like the Galaxy Z Fold 2. While it isn’t the case where it is in fact probable that the Korean manufacturer will indeed ever adopt this, but it still is worth taking a look at.

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In one of the types found with respect to the usage of the pop-up camera within the device, the pop-module actually goes on to include microphones as well as a flash for the sake of rear cameras – along of course an entire suite of front-facing cameras. In another style, we see both the front as well as the rear cameras being housed in together.

Nonetheless, while there is a ray of excitement that such a patent brings along with itself, it’s probable that Samsung might never implement it in the first place. This of course becomes more probable when you consider the fact that under-screen cameras are likely to take over in the future.


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