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Samsung patents hideaway hinge

When it comes to foldable devices, Samsung is the leader. The latest foldable device from the Korean manufacturer is the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 and this particular device is also set for a China-exclusive launch not so long from now – coming in as the Galaxy W21. Ahead of the launch for the device, a utility patent with regards to LED indicators has made its way online.

The Korean company filed a utility patent for a hideaway hinge with LED indicators with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) back in March, using the Galaxy Z Fold 2 as reference. However, this patent was approved and published on the first of October.

In accordance with what the patent has to say, if indeed this particular device is ever utilized in a foldable smartphone, then it shall come with the aid of a six LED module hidden inside that of its hinge. These red, blue, green and white lights will be covered by a translucent layer in order to diffuse their rays.

As per the patent, the above mentioned different colored lights can actually be used to form more combinations. Talking about their use case, like most LED strip on smartphones, they are in fact merely meant for the sake of notifications aesthetics.

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Of course it goes without saying that the Galaxy Z series of foldable smartphones are a premium consumer product – and the introduction of such lights would only make the devices look even more fancy than they already are, however, such lights might also not be the most ideal for everyone. Hence, for now, it wouldn’t be too surprising if Samsung doesn’t introduce this as a feature in its next foldable device.

This also of course doesn’t at all mean that the company might never use the aid of such lights. As foldable devices become more durable and affordable in the coming future, the Korean manufacturer could end up implementing such lights in a separate foldable gaming smartphone series.


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