Samsung is now more than ever determined to not let the pattern of last year occur this year, and make sure that the Samsung galaxy s8 does not follow the same fate as the galaxy note 7. The company did some very uncompromising battery tests on the galaxy s8, exceeding the industry standards in many cases. Samsung knows that it needs to earn back the trust of its customers, and knew going into the release of the galaxy s8 that if something similar to what happened to the note 7 occurred this time around, then it would have been in massive trouble. Hence, it would be safe to assume that the galaxy s8 is Samsung’s safest ever phone.

Samsung completed the s8 developments when the note 7 started to have troubles, but this didn’t stop Samsung to make further changes to the phone. The company has lowered the battery capacity of both the Samsung Galaxy S8, and s8 plus to 3000 mAh, and 3500 mAh respectively. This is certainly less than the 3600 mAh of the galaxy s7 edge last year, but Samsung has indeed claimed that due to new battery saving software, and other tweaks, the battery will last longer. The battery is now durable and can withstand hundreds of charging cycles, meaning that even after a year or two-year use, it would have a better battery than of the previous s7 in the same position.

Samsung, like most of the mobile companies, prior to the note 7 problems trusted the battery suppliers to provide batteries, and catch any faults within the battery. This time around, though, Samsung cannot, and is not taking any risks, and is indeed conducting all the battery tests itself. Samsung will inspect each and every battery, and conduct an X-ray test on batteries for further inspection to check for abnormalities. Furthermore, Samsung plans on testing a huge number of devices, more than a 100,000 in the near future. Experts have questioned how long Samsung can keep doing these tests, as they aren’t exactly cheap, but it seems, for now, no expense is too much for the success of the galaxy s8.


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