The Samsung Galaxy J2 core was the Korean company’s first ever Android Go device, and it was released just a few months ago, back in August. Now, with only few months gone since the company’s first ever Go device was launched, another device of similar sorts has been launched to follow up, named : the Samsung Galaxy J4 Core.

This is an Android Go device, so it would be a bit immature to be expecting brilliant specs and the phone indeed is a budget device through and through, however it should be more than capable enough for anyone who is looking for a stylish Android go phone.

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One of the most noticeable difference between Samsung’s previous Go phone, and the newest Go phone is that the latest phone has a much larger size – coming in with a 6 inch display, whereas the previous Go device came only with a 5 inch screen. However, while the size of the newest phone is bigger, there isn’t much difference between the two otherwise. The J4 has a 1.4GHx quad-core processor, which is not named till now, 1 gigs of RAM, 16 gigs of internal storage, a display resolution of 1480 X 720, a 3300mAh battery, a single rear camera which is 8MP, and a single front camera, which is 5MP. The device will be available in three colors : black, blue, and gold.

While there is quite a bit to know about the phone already, what Samsung hasn’t revealed is the release date of the phone, or exactly in which countries of regions of the world it will be available in. Neither is the pricing information on the phone revealed yet, however, considering the fact that the previous J2 core came in around $100, it would be quite plausible to expect that the newest phone too would come with a similar price tag, as the specs would most definitely suggest so too.


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