Samsung S10 Plus renders leak

Though we’ve had our fair share of leaks with regards to Samsung’s upcoming flagship phone, the Samsung galaxy s10, which range from the model line up, the camera details etc, what we haven’t seen till yet is exactly how the phone will look like. However, now, with the latest leaks in mind, this may be subject to change.

Both 91 Mobiles and On Leaks have delivered on a handful of renders, predominantly, revealing all there is to know about the upcoming phone, in all its glory. The leaks seem to suggest as to how the Galaxy s10 Plus will look like, and as an added bonus, we get to see a 360 degree video to give us a much better idea about the phone.

The leak shows us a triple camera setup, which is found on the rear side of the phone, as all the cameras seem to be arranged in a horizontal manner. There is also a flash seen, and what is presumably the heart-rate sensors, right next to the cameras.

The thing which seems to be a turning point, or rather surprising is the fact that we don’t see a rear fingerprint scanner on the back end of the phone. Moreover, there doesn’t seem to be a visible scanner on the frontal side of things, either. It seems that the rumors were of valid substance when they went on to suggest that Samsung will go for an ultrasonic in-display fingerprint sensor. This obviously would be a different In-display fingerprint sensor to the ones already present on the market, as this one in particular would feature the usage of ultrasonic sound waves to carry out the verification of fingerprints.

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On the frontal side of things, the S10 Plus, as it seems features a two camera setup, in what seems to be a display hole, or camera cutout, rather than the infamous notch. So as it seems now, you’re getting your hands on five cameras with the Galaxy s10 Plus in mind, bearing in mind if the second selfie camera isn’t in direct relation with the facial recognition technology. And if we have managed to touch the topic of facial recognition on the phone, let it be known that it is rumored that the phone will ditch the iris scanner in favor of a face unlock solution.

On the bottom end, we find the USB Type-C port, as well as a headphone jack – so it does seem that Samsung isn’t ready to give into the whole trend of ditching the headphone jack just yet.

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