Galaxy S21 series pricing for South Korea subject to being leaked

Samsung S21 series

Samsung will unveil its flagship Galaxy S21 series this month and the series will include the likes of the Galaxy S21, S21 Plus, as well as the Galaxy S21 Ultra. This unveiling will take place on the 14th of January, and will be through a global launch event. Ahead of the launch, the pricing with regards to the series has been subject to being leaked as far as the European markets go. And now, fresh reports actually indicate the South Korean pricing for the S21 models.

And so, it has been suggested that the S21 will be priced at $916 while the S21 Plus will be priced at $1025. The S21 Ultra will carry a price tag of $1329. With respect to the previous models in the Galaxy S20 series : all the phones actually made their way with more costlier price tags.

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After going on to host the Galaxy Unpacked 2021 event, the Galaxy S21 models will be made available for reservations in the home market – and this will be until the 21st of January. Customers who would have then reserved will in fact be allowed to place orders for the S21 models between that of the 22nd of January and until the 28th of January. And then finally, on the 29th of January, the sales with regards to the next flagship series will begin in South Korea.

Comparing with the previous set of devices, the Galaxy S21 models will actually be making their way a month earlier and also of course with cheaper price tags. It has been suggested that the cheaper price model has actually been followed so as to reduce the customer burden and so to increase sales. Also, such a decision has been followed so as to counter the iPhone 12 series – which of course is the first generation 5G enabled series from Apple. And also, Samsung aims to dominate the premium smartphone market at a time when Huawei is currently undergoing US sanctions.


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