Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will be launched to compete with the rival Apple iPhone 8 in late August, according to some circulating news. we all are aware of the fact that in the history of smartphone manufacturing Samsung Galaxy Note 7 went down as one of the major disasters however the South Korean firm is coming back strongly with the next loop of that momentous Note.

What we know so far…

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will be launched in late August.

It will pursue the design propensity of Samsung Galaxy S8.

It will have tiny bezels, infinity display screen, fingerprint scanner and dual cameras.

Apple’s 10th Anniversary iPhone is considered to come with a main software and hardware boost. Samsung is seeking to contradict that with the launch of its Samsung Galaxy Note 8. The Note is a bounce to get strong attention and media inspection because of the earlier hardware slip-up. Hence, it would be able to produce enough buzz to attract consumers into buying Note 8 rather than Apple’s Anniversary iPhone.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will be copying the design aesthetics of Samsung Galaxy S8. It will have an edge to edge perpetuity display, small bezels, and dual cameras, Just like S8. For your interest, a similar bezel-less design is as well rumored for the forthcoming Apple iPhone 8.

Another story suggests that Note 8 is being developed and experienced on Android Nougat rather than the beta version of impending Android update. That shows that Note 8 will be launched sooner than the stable Android O is released.

The latest Note will have a 6.8-inch screen. The display would be 0.1 inches larger than the S8+ making it the biggest flagship smartphone ever launched by Samsung.

Samsung had a very hard and upsetting last year when it had to recollect scrap Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phones from all over the globe due to the devices catching fire. Samsung declared that the battery blunder of the device direct to the explosive incidents.

In Korea, the home country of Samsung, Galaxy Note 7’srefurbished alternative are also projected to launch and many Asian countries with a much lesser price label. The device will be named as Samsung Galaxy Note 7 R, R stands for refurbished.


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