Just recently, Samsung went on to launch the Galaxy Z Fold 2 device – the successor to the company’s original Galaxy Fold. This next generation device goes on to feature with a larger display as well as a higher refresh rate, along with improved screen protection and of course better cameras – amongst the various other improvements. To go along with all such improvements, it is said that the company is gearing up to make way for selling substantial amounts of the device too as a new report coming in from South Korea states that the Korean manufacturer will make 800,000 units of the said device.

Indeed in accordance with what SamMobile has said, sources stemming from Korea have gone on to claim that the company will make 800,000 units of the device so as to meet the expected demand. The company has also engaged in various production sites, as these range from the likes of production sites based in Brazil, to the likes of South Korea, Brazil and also – Vietnam. An industry outsider has in fact also claimed that the fact that Samsung has employed production sites outside that of its home country is suggestive of the suggestion that it is readying itself of mass production.

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Also, it is said that Samsung is also looking to cut on manufacturing costs. Analysts have said that Samsung expects to sell around three million units of its foldable smartphones in this year alone – this of course also including the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 Flip. Moreover, this figure can actually go as high as eight million units by 2021 as it is also being reported that Samsung is aiming towards a more affordable foldable phone as well.

Regardless of all that is going on, when taking into consideration the fact that Samsung is amongst the only few OEMs right now to offer foldable solutions, it wouldn’t be too audacious to suggest that the Korean company is perhaps the best placed to make the most out of the market that exists within.


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