Samsung set to launch the S Pen Pro for Galaxy S21 later this year

Samsung Galaxy S21 and Galaxy S21+

The Galaxy S21 Ultra’s pen costs $40 if you want to acquire it – due of course to the fact that it doesn’t actually come within a box. It also doesn’t exactly have the same features as the S Pen of the Galaxy Note 20 series. The Korean manufacturer has gone on to claim that a bigger stylus called as the S Pen Pro with more features will indeed be making its way for the new flagship – later in the year.

The S Pen Pro happens to actually be much bigger than the S Pen for the Galaxy S21 Ultra. It actually quite resembles the Apple Pencil, if you’d have it in black. Some have even said that it’s just the S Pen of the Galaxy Tab S7 in black, but it appears as if this isn’t exactly the case.

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The S Pen for the Galaxy S21 Ultra doesn’t make its way with Bluetooth and also doesn’t feature with air gestures, however, the S Pen Pro will have these features. Considering the fact that Samsung previously said that you can use the S Pen available with its other devices on the S21 Ultra, you’d imagine that Bluetooth and the air gesture feature of the S Pen of the Note 20 will carry over the S21 Ultra too, but this isn’t exactly the case. You only actually get the same basic functions that are found within the standard S Pen.

This of course then refers to the fact that if you want these extra features, then you would have to purchase the S Pen Pro. The Korean manufacturer Samsung has said that it will make its way later in the year, however, as far as the pricing goes, no details have yet emerged. The stylus will also not have a special phone case where users would have the ability to store it based on its size.


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