Are you excited for Samsung Galaxy S10? If not then the recent “significant upgrades” may give you reasons to get thrill. As the company and supply chain leaks have confirmed about Galaxy S10 shape change, triple rear camera, ’ultrasonic’ in-display reader, fast software updates, 5G support and proper Face ID rival. However, now there is something new in the box for Samsung fans…

Well, Samsung left an Easter egg in its first beta of Android 9 Pie on the Galaxy S9+which is picked up by XDA Developers: hold out your breaths as this time you will not getting one, not two infect no less than four distinct Galaxy S10 models as per official details.

According to XDA Developers, Samsung inserted references to the ‘beyond0’, ‘beyond1’, ‘beyond2’, and the hotly tipped ‘beyond2 5G’.XDA Developers found this detail by digging into the software.

Want to know more?

The beyond1 will be the standard Galaxy S10 model and beyond2 will be Galaxy S10+ model. Its plus version will feature a supersizewith new display and triple rear camera. On the other hand, Samsung will also offer a budget friendly version of the Galaxy S10 (beyond0) with a standard in-display reader and single rear camera.

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Now let’s talk about beyond2 5G, as this would be the very exclusive version of Galaxy S10. It will be based on the plus model havingsupport for gigabit-capable 5G net.

Well, we can be very confident about this information as over the last year, Samsung had used this kind of method for building interest in people and showed fully embraced ‘accidental’ leaks and teasers of handsets. Moreover, this most recent titbit has emerged during iPhone launch week.

In addition, this all makes sense as the Galaxy S10 is Samsung’s 10th-anniversary and the company would try hard to make it successful. Well, if you want to buy one the smartphone that Samsung is offering on its 10thanniversary then you should start saving from now as the company will launch them later this year.


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