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Samsung are all set to test TVs which can be controlled by your brain

Samsung is very popular among the various TV producers in the technological market. They also provide you with exquisite options when it comes to installing home theater systems and now the company is on the forefront of producing technology in this case a TV which will seemingly help people with disabilities overcome the pressure and hence make lives easier for them as a new project being carried out by a Samsung team in Switzerland could yet produce a smart TV which may be capable of being controlled by the mind.

CNET has reported that Samsung in this case has partnered with the Swiss to bring a system to life, sounds pretty futuristic. The project will be called ‘Project Pontis” which will bear the ultimate goal of making a TV with a brain/software interface that will hence allow individuals with movement disabilities to control television features like switching the channel or controlling the volume with their brains rather than using a remote control for that purpose!

Now if you are not already aware, well then brain-controlled gadgets aren’t entirely new. You can even buy simpler mind-controlled things such as the “Mindflex” games produced by Mattel if you want to play around with technology in your own home, but the Project Pontis system will definitely be more robust and efficient.

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As of right now the system combines brain monitoring sensors and an eye tracking hardware is used to identify the selections the individual will intend to make. Once this is done then the system moving forward, will be smart enough to accept commands via brain commands alone, which means think it, and it shall be done!. Now before you make this the ultimate accessory for a lazy channel surfer or a day to day Netflix binge-watcher, you must not forget the ultimate goal that the company is trying to achieve here, specifically to help aid those who face severe disabilities. Samsung has still not given us a clue on whether this will be globally available product though.

Finally, it is still not possible to jump on to any conclusions, given the fact that this project is still in its very early stages, with Samsung expecting to start prototype testing some time in 2019. If a thought controlled TV does arrive it will definitely have a significant impact on the world that we all love.


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