Samsung thinking of putting a camera in a stylus

So major companies in the technology industry of the world are constantly in the thought process of creating something new and innovative to give there company a unique selling point and well Samsung is just on of those thousands of companies. Now, Samsung is considering the possibility of creating a camera and additional optical zoom into an upcoming stylus, according to a patent released by Patently Mobile. According to that patent, which was filed somewhere in February 2017 and was reportedly granted just yesterday about two years after the initial patent was filed, this new stylus will be able to wirelessly send any images back to the phone or tablet, potentially making use of the Bluetooth support function which was added with the Note 9’s S Pen stylus.

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So what would a camera inside a stylus offer the customer? Well for a start a S Pen with a built-in camera functionwill definitely offer some really good  benefits. The device’s space constraints in the main body of a phone normally mean that the addition of an optical zoom is just not possible. But Samsung’s patent has highlighted the fact that the stylus’ camera includes an “optical zooming function.” Furthermoredetaching the camera from the phone would also give you more flexibility with how you take your photographs, allowing you to take them from higher or lower vantage points while using the phone’s display as a viewfinder.

Samsung thinking of putting a camera in a stylus

Furthermore, just like any patent out there, there is still no full fall guarantee that the company will move forward with the project so we cannot confirm the possibility of this project moving forward but if things are put in place and with the acceptance of the patent yesterday, you never know for sure. Plus this new addition will be seen as pretty awesome innovation and Samsung may just go through with this project. Only time will tell though!

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