Samsung to launch massive investment?

Samsung to raise smartphone shipments to 300 million units by 2021

In the latest round of news surrounding Korean manufacturer Samsung, it is being claimed that the company is gearing up for a $116 billion investment to outperform TSMC. Indeed the latest batch of news is suggestive of the possibility that Samsung might try and mass produce 3nm chips by the year 2022.

Such news apparently makes its way courtesy of a senior executive belonging to Samsung as it has been revealed that the company is indeed in the process of producing 3nm chips in 2022. The executive has claimed that Samsung has already been in the process of developing initial design tools with its partners. Having a look at TSMC, the brand HD expected to be ready for 3nm by H2 of 2022. And so one can imagine and anticipate a neck-to-neck battle.

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Samsung is also, however, going to jump TSMC by adopting the GAA (Gate-All-Around) tech before TSMC on the 3nm. The latter is in the process of continuing the FinFet process before it can finally go into the GAA on the 2nm process. This technology will not only reduce power consumption, but it will also proceed on to regulate current flow as well as manage the overall chip area too. With that said, experts have claimed that Samsung needs to hit the mark. And the company can achieve this by testing the yields successfully in the initial stages. Other than this, the company would be at risk of tossing its investment to nothing.

Even though Samsung does in fact have a successful memory chip display business, the company lacks the market share in the foundry and logic-chip industry. It was reported that the company only had 18% of the total contracts last year whereas TSMC proceeded on to dominate with more than half in this regard. In order to change such proceedings, the Korean manufacturer’s semiconductor division has plans to invest $26 billion this year when compared to TSMC’s investment of $17 billion.


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