Shortly after the Korean manufacturer launched the Galaxy Note 20 series, it was reported that Samsung might in fact go on and kill its popular Note series in 2021. However, now, a new report is suggesting that new Note phones will indeed launch next year however, it has also been said that there are indeed plans that Samsung will kill the series.

Indeed it has been said that Samsung is planning on to axe its flagship Galaxy Note series and is reportedly planning to move some of the key features that belong to the Note series, such as the S pen Stylus to the Galaxy S21 Ultra. Apparently, the introduction of some of the key features belonging to the Note series to the Galaxy S series is part of a marketing strategy adopted by Samsung so as to increase the sales of the S series.

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For now, it isn’t exactly confirmed as to when the Galaxy Note series will be killed as the suggestion for now is just that it will happen – and that it is only a matter of time before Samsung takes upon itself to terminate its flagship series. 

For now though, we wait to see what Samsung has up its sleeve with respect to the next year’s Note devices. Indeed the next year’s Galaxy Note line should go on and make its way as the Galaxy Note 21. One would imagine also that the Galaxy Note 21 devices that will be included in the series will also feature with flagship grade specs so as to justify the huge prices that Samsung usually commands for its Galaxy Note phones. These flagship grade specs will of course include a flagship processor – which will be either the Exynos 2100 or indeed the Snapdragon 875 processor – depending on which region of the world you end up buying the device in.


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