It is expected that Korean manufacturer Samsung will go on to retain its position at the very top of the smartphone market as far as the year 2020 goes. Indeed it is also expected that the company will further strengthen its global efforts going into the next year, and is likely to take full advantage of the complications that Huawei currently finds itself in.

Samsung to raise smartphone shipments to 300 million units by 2021
Samsung to Maintain its Position as Leader

In accordance with what Strategy Analytics has had to say, it is expected that the global smartphone shipments will fall by around 11 percent this year – which is the equivalent of 1.26 billion units. This revised figure comes in after the original projection was placed in at 15.6 percent. The analytics based firm further proceeded on to claim that the new estimation goes on to reflect upon a faster recovery rate in various markets including that of the US, Europe and also India.

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Furthermore, the economic recovery that is likely to follow with 2021 coming in as well as the more widened adoption of 5G networking and also foldable smartphones means that there will be an overall market growth of nine percent in 2021 with 1.41 billion units of shipments to be set out and reached in the year 2021 – this figure being equivalent to that of the numbers that came in with respect to 2019. In the rankings, it is indeed expected that Samsung will maintain its lead with 265 million units being shipped – this being equivalent to a market share of 21 percent. Following Samsung onto the list comes Apple – with its 192 million units shipped equaling a market share of 15.3 percent.

Huawei makes its way onto the third position as it is expected that the Chinese company’s problems are only further going to be highlighted when it’s chip inventory runs out. It is also said that it is possible that Samsung and Apple might soon replace Huawei in the Chinese market as well.


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