One of the major talking points about Samsung’s latest flagship phone – the Samsung Galaxy S10 was theIn-display fingerprint scanner that the phone holds. The fingerprint scanner was a first-timer for Samsung, and unfortunately enough for the Korean manufacturer, we can tell; as many have found the sensor within the display to be slow and inefficient enough to be noticeable.

The device has been out for some time now, and it seems that all the complaints with regards to the phone are concentrated around the In-display fingerprint scanner. However, much to Samsung’s credit, it does seem that the Korean manufacturer has been listening to these thoughts, as it is now pushing out a patch to the Galaxy S10 and the S10 Plus which allegedly will make the sensor better and faster than ever before.

The biometrics software update which will come with the inclusion of the new patch is distributed via the Galaxy store. Considering the manner of the distribution, there is no way that you may be able to manually trigger the update and hence, you’ll have to wait your turn until the update finally makes it to your device.

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It’s tough to say right now whether or not the patch will actually make the difference, judging from people that have experienced the update. Some of the users on Reddit have received the patch, and there is a division to opinion it seems on whether or not the update does actually make a difference.

Regardless of the fact whether the patch does actually make a different, we have to give Samsung credit where its due – the company could have quite easily gone with ignoring the problem, however, that hasn’t at all turned out to be the case. Samsung is indeed trying to figure out a way around the problem, and genuinely wants to make the user experience better – which is great to see.


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