Samsung Launches Mobile Wallet App to Compete With Apple and Google

Samsung Launches Mobile Wallet App to Compete With Apple and Google

Samsung launched Samsung Wallet to assist users in managing their digital keys, payment methods and identification.

With Apple, Google and Samsung all working together to make digital wallets more common, the technology is becoming more mainstream. Users can rely on digital wallets to unlock their cars, show identification, make payments, and much more. Samsung is increasing its efforts in this area with Samsung Wallet.

Jeanie Han (EVP and Head, Digital Life, MX Business, Samsung Electronics) stated that Samsung Wallet brings a new level in everyday convenience to mobile devices. It offers a completely safe and secure environment for digital keys and cards storage. “We will continue to improve the capabilities of Samsung Wallet as part of our ongoing commitment towards open ecosystems by working closely together with our trusted partners, developers and other stakeholders.”

The new Samsung Wallet

Samsung claims its platform now uses encryption and defense-grade security — in the form Samsung Knox — to protect sensitive information. Combining fingerprint recognition with encryption protects the data and makes sure that only the authorized user has it. Samsung Knox protects the most sensitive data in Samsung Wallet by locking it away in an isolated environment. This provides additional protection against physical and digital hacking.

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Samsung Wallet supports digital keys for select BMW, Genesis and Hyundai models. This includes the BMW 1-8 Series and X5-X7 models. Future plans call for more automobile partnerships.

It can be used to track the digital portfolio of a user, including cryptocurrency investments. Later this year, it will also support driver’s licenses as well as student IDs.

Samsung Wallet is now available for Galaxy users in the United States of America, France, Germany and Italy. All eligible users will be able to open their Samsung Pay and Samsung Pass apps to follow the steps to migrate over to Samsung Wallet.


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