Samsung working on an affordable 5G device

Samsung working on an affordable 5G device
Samsung working on an affordable 5G device

So since the newest network technology the 5G was introduced,it started coming in flagship smartphones earlier this year, but like all things in life there are people who simply can not afford mobile phones at the flagship prices, keeping that in mind, manufacturers have promised to bring in the next generation of network technology to more affordable smartphones. Samsung seems to be the first to deliver on that promise with an upcoming smartphone called the Galaxy A71. Now it has been claimed that the A71 will be a mid-range smartphone which will be equipped with a 5G modem and hence should provide users with an affordable option to enjoy the new 5G technology.

Moreover,in that regard a model number “SM-A7160” has been recently uncovered, which basically gives a hint about a Chinese variant of the upcoming smartphone. Now seeing that the company will first target the Chinese market is a pretty safe move  as it is the biggest market for affordable smartphones and 5G. It is likely that an international variant with model number “SM-A716B” will show up soon.Moving on the Galaxy A71 is rumored pack with it the newly launched Android 10 and along with the new OS the device will have a pretty large 128GB of storage space. On top of things,the phone will be powered by the 5G capable Exynos 980 SoC with WiFi 6 and will be available in black, silver, blue, and pink colors.

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In addition to things,it should be noted that the Exynos 980 chipset is built on the 8nm process and features two Cortex-A77 units and six Cortex-A55 units. It has a built-in 5G modem which makes it more power-efficient and cheaper to produce. Other than that, it features a Mali G76 GPU.Other specifications like the display, cameras, and battery aren’t known yet. There is no word on a release date for the Galaxy A71.


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