There has long been rumors that Nintendo is working on the next generation of its popular Switch handheld console, which will be a smarter and more powerful successor to its current console. However, although finer details have not been revealed just yet, a new report has hinted at the possibility that the chipset that powers the device may have been developed by Samsung Foundry.

In accordance with a tipter, Nintendo is apparently planning to include Nintendo Switch with its upcoming console. In recent weeks, there have been a number of rumors regarding a new generation of handheld console, and the most recent rumor concerns the chipset that will be used to power this new Switch. Nvidia Tegra chipset is reportedly going to be used in Nintendo’s next-generation console. It is believed that Samsung’s 5nm 5LPP (5nm Low Power Plus) process will be used for making this device, although there are no details regarding its specifications or its performance.

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The company is currently working on either a higher end Switch Pro or a direct successor to the Switch 2 if those unaware are not aware of the plans. The Ampere architecture is also supposed to be the basis for the next generation Tegra chip from Nvidia that was hinted at in recent rumors. While this will be based on a 7nm TSMC or Samsung’s 8nm process, Nvidia’s platform uses a 7nm TSMC or Samsung’s 8nm process. The report has yet to be confirmed, so take this news with a pinch of salt for now as it is still just an unconfirmed rumor.

It is also rumored that Nintendo will skip the Switch Pro model entirely for its next-generation console, and instead focus solely on creating a true next-generation console instead. With a more advanced fabrication process, it is quite likely the upcoming handheld console will be able to offer a better battery life as well as better performance. Stay tuned for further updates on this matter as we will be providing updates when we have more information available about it as soon as it becomes available.


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