Samsung’s latest patent

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Smartphone design has been subject to intense evolution, with companies such as Samsung, Huawei, Motorola being the best advocates of such a claim – and also, thanks to these companies, we have phones that flip and fold. Now though, a new patent from Samsung goes on to hint towards yet another direction that the future of smartphone design might be heading towards.

The patent shows off a very unique design for a Samsung phone – with rounded display being found on both ends of the device. It won’t actually even be too wrong to say that it looks quite a bit like the Sony PSP – and if just the replacement of the paneling and controls on the side with a display is carried out – that is in fact what this device from Samsung would look like.

The screen runs all the way around the phone, with there being present minimal bezels that might go on to house a selfie camera. The patent application also suggests three display parts have been used – one main screen, along with two sub-displays present on both the top and bottom of the phone.

It is said that the sub-displays will actually feature with touch controls. They possibly will have the capabilities to show different types of contents – which might range from the likes of app icons, to the likes of the battery indicator, calls, network signal and possibly and probably more.

The best example of this might come to mind when you perhaps would be watching a video and would want to adjust the volume from one of the sub displays, while having playback controls on the other.

Of course, considering the track record of many companies with respect to patents – there are in fact countless examples where companies fill an astonishing amount of patents that never see the light of day. And so it is obviously advisable to take such news with a pinch of salt, as such a device from Samsung might not ever be practical enough for a proper launch – but then again, it is possible!


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