Six years ago back in 2015, Samsung actually launched its recycling program in order to bring older smartphone models so as to make an effort to be more environmentally conscious. However, a recent info graphic which has been shared by the Korean manufacturer itself has actually gone on to reveal that this particular program has only managed to bring in just 0.0019% of the older devices.

In accordance with a blog post which had highlighted Earth Day, the South Korean manufacturer revealed that the company’s recycling program as of 2019 only ended up recording modest results. And while the initiative taken by the brand is indeed good as far as the environment goes, the figure which has been revealed proceeds on to show that the company is indeed lagging in this particular department. Since 2015, the campaign created by Samsung only managed to take in 38,000 handsets as of May of 2019. This goes on to imply that the number of devices coming in just repressed 0.0019% of the over two billion Galaxy devices that are of course in circulation as of February 2019.

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Of course, finding out where the devices that are currently in their product lifecycle are rather hard to find – especially due to the fact that this particular number is in billions. Moreover, a large amount of these devices are still being used by the consumers who purchased them while a few of them would indeed have found their way into the second hand market. And more notably, a fraction of such devices might have been repurposed as a part of the Galaxy Upcycling program.

For those of you who are unaware – each and every phone which is built is done so by using rare Earth metals which happen to be limited in quantity. As a whole, these devices are rather bad for the planet and also involve miners who are involved in rather tough working conditions.


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