Satellite connectivity brought on by the iPhone 13?

Satellite connectivity brought on by the iPhone 13

In accordance with what a new rumor is now going on to suggest, the iPhone 13 is said to bring support for low earth orbit (LEO) satellite, hence ending up bolstering its connectivity abilities in areas where there happens to be limited coverage available.

The tip actually makes way from reliable Apple tipster in analyst MI-Chi Kuo, as quoted by MacRumors and ends up pointing towards the use of a “Customized Qualcomm X60” modem which happens to support LEO satellites across the iPhone 13 line. This would then end up allowing the phones to place calls or indeed even send texts even if there happens to be no cellular service available.

Apple’s reported use of LEO satellites wouldn’t actually be a replacement for neither 5G nor 4G networks but they would in fact allow users and equip them with the ability to communicate with others even if there isn’t any immediate cellular coverage. This would then be hugely beneficial for all those who happen to find themselves in rural areas or those who happen to find themselves no where near ground stations.

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While high-speed internet also happens to be possible via the aid of LEO satellites, it’s unclear if this use case is a priority for Apple. Starlink indeed happens to be one the newest as well as arguably one of the most widely known LEO satellite-based internet providers in this current moment in time. The company happens to claim top-speeds of up to 1GBPS with latency of that between 25ms and 35ms. It’s unclear though as to which satellites the iPhone 13 could end up supporting, however, American satellite communications operator in GlobalStar is apparently in the running too.

The popular analyst also adds that Apple may actually end up bringing this technology to future devices – those of whom would exist beyond just phones – and would actually include cars.


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