Android police have made a new discovery, a discovery into a new mobile app from Google. This new app is called triangle and can be very useful if you are low on credit, and if you don’t have that great a mobile data plan, and want to save a few extra bucks. The triangle basically lets you control which other apps can use your mobile data. All you need to do is fire up the app, and grant the necessary permissions required by the app. After all the necessary steps are completed, you will not only be able to monitor your data consumption, but you will also be able to restrict apps from consuming data, even if you have got 2G/3G/4G data turned on.

This mobile app may especially be useful when you are perhaps limited on data, and run an app which eats up data to a huge amount of extent. Not only this, but the app can also prevent certain apps from using data in the background, and this is mostly done without your knowledge.

mobile app

There is also a way in which you can grant apps access to only a certain amount of time, for instance, granting access to apps for 10 minutes, or 30 minutes. There are also rewards available for you if you download promoted apps, however, for now, this service is available only to a couple of carriers in the Philippines.

Speaking of the Philippines, Google, at present is testing the app in the Philippines, and hence only users there can have access to the app via the PlayStore. However, the app is available to sideload from APKMirror, hence you can get the app, and make it work exactly as it’s supposed to, even if you are not even in the country.


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