Screen leak for the Pixel 4 showcases a large forehead bezel

Screen leak for the Pixel 4 showcases a large forehead bezel
Screen leak for the Pixel 4 showcases a large forehead bezel

Google is set to launch its latest and upcoming flagship smartphone – the Google Pixel 4 in the next coming months, and according to various polls, it has been said that the device is the most anticipated one for the year 2019. And while we don’t have too much of information over how the device will shape up to be, a new set of leaked images have now appeared, which go on to show something that we had already pretty much known – or well, were expecting : the device will indeed have a large bezel on the top.

The leaked images come courtesy of Ice Universe – who happens to be a very popular and reliable leaker. The images have been shown on Twitter and go on to show the phone’s front panel. The images only go on to support the previous claims of many that had suggested the device will feature with a larger forehead and chin bezel which are clearly bigger than the competing phones in the Galaxy S10 Plus as well as the OnePlus 7 Pro. These bezels that the Pixel 4 will bring about will be used to cover up a wide range of sensors along with front facing cameras which might have used to hide via a notch or perhaps a popup camera.

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While one may question Google’s lack of innovation when it comes to the design of its upcoming flagship, many have entertained the thought of the device featuring with motion-sensing technology called Project Soli which goes on to use radar in order to detect fine motion above it. With the size of the bezels present on the device, one would have to imagine that there will be required plenty of space.

Not only has ice universe showcased images that indicated Google’s upcoming flagship will feature with these large bezels, but @OnLeaks and iGeeksBlogalso came with a series of renders of the forthcoming phones – which too show off larger bezels.

Back in June, Google took upon the decision to officially reveal the device on the web, however, the company showed only the back of the device and not the front. The image that was showed off by Google back then consisted of a large camera bump and sensors. With the latest leak in mind, it won’t be too surprising if Google’s ends up unveiling yet another official image of its upcoming flagship smartphone.


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